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24/7 Hotline:

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24/7 Hotline:

• Fire • Storms • Power Outages •
• Earthquake • Flood • Any Emergency •
The Emergency Support Network (ESN) is a nationwide consortium of independent businesses who work as one unit and specialize in offering Complete Base Camp Support for First Responders in the form of:
  • Mobile Kitchen - Food Service

  • Mobile Office/Command Centers

  • Lighting & Power Systems

  • Trucks & Trailers

  • Tents, Sleepers, Showers & Restrooms

ESN works with all public utilities, State and Federal Public Safety Agencies (fire, police, Coast Guard, etc.), during large-scale emergencies such as wildfire, storms, power outages, flood, earthquake; any large-scale emergency.
The advantage of ESN is that we function as a single organization with a single point of contact which makes the process of arranging mass-scale logistics, equipment and human resources, a quick and streamlined process, which is vital when time is always the critical element that can mean the all the difference when it comes to saving lives, infrastructure and property.
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